Platform for issuing, trading and financing commodities on the blockchain
Get REAL exposure to some of the world's most traded resources while improving life for millions of farmers in developing markets
Commodity supply chain in low-trust developing markets

Conversion of local currencies to US$, middlemen and paper-based processes all add to the costs of x-border trading, reducing the profit pool available to commodity producers
High-cost funding
Illiquid assets

Supply chain financing including loans to commodity producers are difficult and too expensive to obtain, due to perceived high risks and lack of reliable risk data
Farmers earn little
but bear most of the risk

Commodity producers including farmers bear the brunt of price shocks. The nature of competition also favors large and downstream players
BinkabiLEND — Collateralised lending
Barter Block™ — Physical trading
Commodity exchanges - Settlement technology and hedging product innovation
Commodity tokenization protocol powers a wide range of applications
Supply chain players
Binkabi creates "digital path" connecting developing markets and solving trust issues
Brings real transformation to the communities we work with
Annual market size
$3 trillions
Global agricultural production value at farm gate (of which international trade is around $1.5 trillion)

10% - 25% of trade value goes to intermediaries
1.8 trillions
Potential Barter Block™ volumes among the 33 largest developing countries

7% - 10% of trade value lost to FX conversion and transfer
Trade Finance
$1.5 trillions
Trade finance gap mainly affects SMEs in developing markets

20%+ interest rate paid by SMEs in Africa
Power the whole trading network

More profits
Trade directly and globally, improving profits, reducing uncertainties and unjustified quality claims.
Smaller farmers can benefit from market information to negotiate higher prices and competitive financing from banks.
Save FX costs
Negotiate the best deal directly with exporters. When the deal is done and goods are accepted, pay in local currencies at real exchange rates. Goods are subject to pre-shipment inspection so quality is ensured.
Expand markets
Negotiate the best deal directly with importers. See proof of payment from importers before shipping. Get paid once the goods are accepted by importers. Reach new buyers in another part of the world.
New SMEs
Better serve the SME segment, the core engine of economic growth. Increase deposits from SMEs, provide financing and insurance solutions based on trading histories that were never before possible.
Lower barrier to entry
Smaller tradable quantities (e.g. in units of containers), secure payment and product quality assurance, and help smaller players to enter direct import/export markets, increasing competition and lowering intermediary costs.
Balance trades
Barter Block reduces the use of US$ in trade payment, reducing pressure on local currencies. Users are incentivized to find profitable trades in specific corridors and in doing so automatically balance trade flows.
New customers
Acquire new customers who are trading on the platform. Work with Binkabi to digitise shipping documentation, bills of lading to streamline processes. Optimise shipping schedules to save costs for all involved.
All players
Save time and cost
International trade is highly manual as well as fraud and error prone. Trade digitisation, immutability and the traceability of the blockchain reduce wasted time and costs due to paper trails, disputes and frauds. All parties share the same transaction record.